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Joseph Oliver Brown Feature Film

This is a Faith-Based Film Inspired from JOB in the Bible

This film is an exciting adaptation based off of the book of JOB told from a millennial lens with a primarily millennial cast. This powerful story will engage and inspire viewers of all ages. Family values, Faith and Religious beliefs are put to the test, but this is a testament to the Endurance of one man who would not dishonor himself or his belief in God.


A successful contractor miraculously gets the opportunity to bid on a multi million-dollar project, but the possibility of making the 45-day deadline is looking bleak as his faith is tested by one obstacle after another, each becoming increasingly insurmountable.

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  • 94% believe that offensive material in TV, Movies & the Internet is on the rise.

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  • Joseph Oliver Brown

    Most Christians believe, suffering is the sure route to receiving God’s blessings, and as their faith grows, so does the confidence that individual life is contributing in some small way to a larger story. “There is one book in the Bible which perhaps more than any other wrestles with the problem of innocent suffering and that is the BOOK OF JŌB.”

    In the book’s first two chapters we are introduced to JŌB. He lives at a time when a person’s wealth is measured not in terms of the size of his bank balance but the size of his herds. He is indeed possibly the wealthiest man alive. I see JŌB in my story as a committed Christian, one whose faith penetrated every area of his life. “Surely, some would, argue, “being faithful to God brings with it its own rewards – a good and peaceful life, doesn’t it?”

    Our story centers on the problem of suffering. Underneath, a different issue is at stake; the doctrine of human freedom. JŌB had to endure underserved suffering in order to demonstrate that God is ultimately interested in freely given love.
    I see my characters as Black, rich, (an area not often portrayed by filmmakers) suffer as others, but in a context not often shown. The story does not have to be a literal interpretation of the Bible, but hopefully speaks to the spirit of JŌB .

    This story is based on The Book of Jōb, one of 13 books in the Old Testament which perhaps more than any other wrestles with the problem of innocent suffering.

    Nate Grant

    Joseph Oliver Brown Feature Film

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